My name is Takehiko Abe. I am a Japanese musician and a fine artist based in Tokyo, Japan.

Music :
I began to play bass from 12 years old, and played music in some rock bands in Tokyo. In the other side, I have composed contemporary music and soundtracks for some independent movies.
I started activity since 2008 as "Take Abe". I compose tunes from some scenes and some visual images floating in my mind, with playing musical instruments and not musical instruments too. If you imagine or feel something by those tunes, I am honored. My first album "Cinemascape" was released on 2008. J.Murone also played in this album as a collaborator.
J. Murone joined Take Abe as the official member on 2011.
And the 2nd. album "Pray" was released on 2011.
Take Abe did the Europe solo tour on 2012.
Take Abe provided the music for the contemporary ballet in Poland 2014. And Takehiko Abe also provided the visual works for this ballet. This ballet project was supported by the Japanese Embassy in Poland .
The 3rd. album "Kaleidoscope" was released on 2015.
Take Abe did Europe solo tour on 2016.
Solo tour in Germany 2018.

Fine art :
I have begun to exhibit and sell my small visual works at Harajuku street, Tokyo etc. The part of those works are "art works 02". Afterwards I held the exhibition at galleries in Tokyo, Kyoto, etc. several times. "Art works 01" are a part of those exhibitions. I'm stopping the fine art creation for concentration on music work temporarily now. I'll restart in the future.



200810月インディーズ映画のサントラ等を手掛けていたJ.Muroneをコラボレーターに迎えて制作された1stアルバム「シネマスケープ」をCacaos Recordsから国内外に向けリリース。
2011年1月 J.Muroneが正式メンバーとして加入、同時にセカンドアルバム「プレイ」を同レーベルから国内外に向けリリース。

2105年11月 サードアルバム「カレイドスコープ」を同レーベルから国内外に向けリリース。

Tokyo, Japan

Musician & Fine artist

Birthday : February 14

Constellation : Aquarius

LOVE : music, art, cats!

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